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How to apply

Step 1: Choose your project

Use our Project Search to see what’s on offer. You can use filters to help you narrow down the options. If you need help feel free to call us on 01273 422 218. It’s always best to chose at least a second and third choice, so we can find you a place. You can re-order your preference order on the basket page. When choosing projects please make sure that you check whether projects have any additional fees to be paid on arrival. If these fees are applicable, it is stated in the specific description of each project under the item ‘host additional fee’; these additional fees usually don’t apply for projects in Europe with our East West programme, while they are applicable most times for projects out of Europe within the North South programme (Asia, Africa and Latin America) and in many cases for projects available to volunteers under 18. Read here more information about costs and additional fees.

Child Protection Policy

Please note that if you apply for projects working with children or vulnerable adults, after your place on the project is confirmed, you will be required to  send us either a copy of your DBS update service number (we will not accept DBS certificates if they are not registered on the DBS update service) or an ICPC (International Child Protection Certificate). To obtain an ICPC it takes about 10 days and costs about £60. Only once we have received either of these documents will you receive the final information of the project with meeting point and local contact details. If you don’t provide these documents at least 1 week before the start of the project, Concordia reserves the right to cancel your place on the project. Please note that we will not be able to send you on our children projects if you are currently subject to criminal investigations, have charges pending or have any cautions/reprimands/final warnings or any other police or court decisions taken against you, relating to children and vulnerable adults.

Step 2: Choose your training session

For either North South or Medium Term programmes you’ll need a preparation and training day, so pick a date for the appropriate session- you can choose your training session here.

Step 3: Fill in the forms

Once selected a project or a list of projects, complete the online form (also called Volunteer Exchange Form). For a North South or Medium Term project, there’ll be an additional form too which will be sent to you via email on receipt of your application.
If you are under 18, the form has to be signed by one of your parents. If applying online, you must send a copy of the Volunteer Exchange Form and Concordia Terms and Conditions by post/fax signed by one of your parents.
If you wish to be placed on a project together with a friend, please indicate their name clearly in the final section “General Remarks”. If applying by post it is also a good idea to send the applications together in the same envelope, as we need to reserve the places together.

Step 4: Agree the terms and conditions

Check through your order summary and make sure you read the terms and conditions. If you’re applying by post you need to sign the form to show that you agree with Concordia’s terms and conditions. If you apply online, check the box to confirm you have read them.

Step 5: Payment

Once filled in your online application form, you can pay online with a debit card using SagePay, by post with a cheque or by credit card, by getting in touch with the office.

Step 6: Confirmation

We’ll aim to confirm your placement within 7 working days. North South and Medium-term projects may take longer, so please be patient.

Step 7: Final details

Approximately 3-4 weeks before the start of the project, we will email final travel details prepared by the partner organisation. These details will include practical information about the project, travel tips, the meeting point and a checklist of items to take with you.
The information sheets are prepared by the in-country host organisation, who are responsible for making sure the information is full and correct – but contact us at Concordia if you have any queries and we’ll be happy to clarify.
Before departure, you must send a copy of your travel insurance policy to our office via post or email.

Step 8: Getting in touch with other volunteers

Concordia may pass on information about other volunteers booked onto the same project, so that you can get in touch if you like, and perhaps make joint travel arrangements. If you don’t want us to pass on your details, please say so on the application form.
People who have participated in an international volunteer project will automatically join the mailing list for the year following their project and will receive e-mail newsletters unless they choose not to by specifying this on application.

Step 9: Applying by post

If you want to apply by post, you can choose this option by printing the application form once you have selected the projects online.
You can download additional forms for North South and MTV programme here:

Step 10: Our check list for postal applications

When sending your application by post please make sure you enclose:

  • Your application form (also called Volunteer Exchange Form)
  • Cheque/postal order for the correct amount for international projects
  • Signed terms and conditions form
  • For North South: questionnaire and booking form for Preparation session
  • For Medium-term: MTV questionnaire
  • Stamped self-addressed envelope if you wish to receive acknowledgement of your registration fee by post rather than by email
  • Three A4 stamped addressed envelopes if you want to receive further information by post
  • Please write “Volunteer Application” on the top left hand corner of your envelope

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