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Tuesday April 11th, 2017


Concordia is really happy to send you this first quarterly update about our volunteering activities for 2017. Check out our news about international volunteering, UK volunteering and NCS.




In February Victor from Concordia went to lovely Nizhny Novgorod in Russia to attend our annual international meeting with our international partners and came back with hundreds of new projects for 2017. This event is one of the largest of its kind, and we met with over 50 organisations to plan for the coming summer. Soon after that, in mid-March, we launched the new international volunteering programme and projects are already filling up. If you are thinking of volunteering this summer don’t wait too long to apply for your project.

During the last few months we‘ve been working hard to improve our website, especially with the launch of our new online database where you can search for all the projects available worldwide. We believe this new database is much easier to use than the last one and better looking. Did you have the chance to try it? If so, let us know what you think!

In February and March we spent some time on the road by visiting universities, colleges and schools like Hertfordshire University and Farrington School in Kent, while on 1st April we ran our first International Volunteering Day at Sussex University in Brighton, where students could join several free workshop run by Concordia staff and experienced volunteers.

Finally, we are currently recruiting young people to join a youth exchange in Italy this summer. Participants need to be aged 16-18 and will meet with other young people from several European countries. Read here more information and how to apply.




March has been a busy and exciting month for the UK volunteer programme.

Firstly, after many months of working with our partners the 2017 Summer Programme is confirmed, updated and went live to our 80 global partners last week! We’ve already accepted the first few volunteers onto the summer projects; coming from France, Germany, Belgium and Spain, as ever we make sure we have a wide mix of nationalities on all of our projects.

With 18 projects to choose from, running from June to September, from 6 days to 2 months, and in locations from the remote edge of Cornwall, to the Sussex coast to the Lake District, there really is something for everyone. Download and read more about the UK programme here.

The majority of projects that we run in the UK in the summer require a dedicated co-ordinator, who bridges the gap between the Concordia volunteers on the project and the host partner organisations. The Co-ordinators join the projects for free and we cover their travel to and from the project.

Earlier in March we ran the first Co-ordinator training weekend of the year. Fun ice breaker sessions meant everyone got to know each other quickly and gave the participants a range of ideas and games they can use with a volunteer group. Of course we also covered essential topics like leadership skills, conflict resolution, health & safety, budgeting, cultural stereotypes and much more.

At the end of the training one of the participants told us: “Amazing and wonderful weekend with life-long gained skills and experiences that will be remembered forever.”

If you’d also like to get involved as a Co-ordinator this summer, it’s not too late; we’re running another training day at the Concordia office near Brighton on 22nd April, read more and apply for the apply for the Co-ordinator training day here.




At the beginning of March, Concordia ran their first NCS Spring programme with Worthing College. Students spent the first weekend on the Isle of Wight at Little Canada taking part on adventurous activities. During the 2nd week, the students took part in workshops on public speaking, improvisation and consent and identity. They also did a workshop called ‘share my story’, which helped them to plan for their social action phase.

For their social action project the group took to the streets of Worthing to raise awareness for the Spring Board project, which is a charity that supports young people with disabilities. The group encouraged the public to join in with a huge Mexican wave and then they took part in a treasure hunt exploring Worthing.

Finally, their graduation was held at Flip Out, a trampoline park in Chichester. Well done to all the new graduates!

It’s now less than 3 months until Summer NCS starts, so make sure that you have booked your place.

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