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Wednesday June 12th, 2019

My International Volunteer Projects 2018

My International Volunteer Projects 2018

Our long-term volunteer & coordinator Barney has done amazingly 30 volunteering projects throughout his life, 6 of them as a coordinator. Here is his story from last year.


Thursday May 2nd, 2019


Are you looking for something worthwhile this summer? We have a few places left for anyone wanting to become a UK Coordinator, a truly rewarding experience giving you leadership experience whilst volunteering together with an international team. Below is the story from one of our leaders, coordinating on Green & Away, a project we are repeating this year.


My experience volunteering with Green and Away

After I came returned to the UK, from an amazing long term volunteering project in Romania, I had a meeting to discuss the experience and settling back in. Soon, the conversation turned to the future; “What’s your plans for the summer?” (or something to that effect). Bored of my small room in a busy flat and full of wholesome memories of my Balkan travels, I gladly said: “I’m down for anything!” (or something to that effect).

Before I knew it, I was heading to the Concordia office for a coordinator training course, where I’d meet a bunch of likeminded volunteer types. We discussed everything that we might encounter as a UK coordinator, if and when we ever coordinated other volunteers. The handy information we were given had strategies for dealing with matters like group cooking to conflict resolution, the latter transpired to be more applicable than the former.

Inspired and intrigued I came away with many new ways to take two weeks off work and volunteer instead. I could have stayed at a Buddhist sanctuary, worked with deserving young carers or taken part in a music festival! Instead, I was bound for two weeks camping in a muddy field eating vegan food – not my grandparents’ idea of a good break. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to working with ‘Green and Away’, an eco-friendly and creative events venue.

My first notable encounter of Green and Away hospitality came when one of the Concordia volunteers missed their connection and was going to arrive in the middle of the night. Although it was only my responsibility to ensure the Concordia volunteers were settled into camp, half the other volunteers at Green and Away stayed up with me to welcome the lonely traveller in with a cheer and a hug! It was very warming and I knew I would be with good company for the duration of the stay.

As the long hot days went on we could see the camp growing and taking shape. Structures were being built every day and the muddy field was transformed into a homely venue. We could see the fruits of our labour. Everyone had their jobs to do, which was increasingly difficult in +30oC heat, but we had plenty of water and support. In the midday sun we would swim in the stream and cool off, it really puts you in touch with your senses and with nature. Later in the evenings we would sit around the campfire or snuggle up in the Mongolian yurt and get to know each other. It was a satisfying, social and wholesome lifestyle.

We would get days off allocated during the week, so there was the opportunity to head into town and relax. The Concordia volunteers and I went for a day in Worcester, where I treated them to a full English Breakfast. Despite having a vegetarian among us, everyone enjoyed their meal (the café offered a veggie full English). This was their first encounter with a British classic, since they all came from different countries. It’s nice to know I could offer a cultural experience as well as a tasty one.

Once all the physically hard work was done and our beautiful camp was ready for guests. This is when the dynamic on camp changes from being practical and resourceful to being hospitable and service driven. The guests were always lovely and everyone on camp bands together to help each other out.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. After being so absorbed in the atmosphere of Green and Away I had to don my coordinator hat once more. Gathering the other volunteers feedback was great, because I got to hear that they had a magical time too. This project was very comfortable from a coordinator perspective. Although, I think the role was useful, the accommodation, food and task allocation was excellently handled by the Green and Away team, so my job was to keep everyone happy and having the best time possible.

Despite having to resolve an issue between Green and Away and one of the volunteers after I got home, which was later resolved, I had such an amazing time. Green and Away is a special place where you can forget time passing and enjoy eco-living. They a strong sense of community which is welcoming and supportive. The work is hard and can be physically challenging, but it certainly pays off. I’m proud to have been a part of Green and Away and to have helped spread the message of sustainable development while personally having a lot of fun.

Do you want to relieve this experience? If you are interested in participating and want to have more information about it please email or call 01273 422218

Monday November 26th, 2018



“The trips are an amazing experience for staff and students alike. You get to experience a country and its culture through doing something good for others – which helps you to understand a place and its people more fully and not through the eyes of a tourist. Concordia’s personal and professional approach to organising these trips means that they are worry free for even the most conscientious of leaders. The trips can be whatever you want them to be but no matter what you choose they ultimately achieve the most important thing with regards to students’ development; to help them become well-rounded and open-minded adults, and this outcome is worth more than any education they receive at college.”

Together with the students from Esher College, we joined our partner in Nepal on the ongoing post-earthquake relief work in the hills of Kathmandu. It was a project taking the students far out from their comfort zone and modern comfortabilities, but also to an experience of a lifetime which will be with them for a long time! The group mustered through the monsoon rain, the repetitive diet of Dal Bhat, and added true value to a project far away from the beaten tourist tracks.

We are happy to have volunteers such as these joining our Group Volunteering Programme, and we would be surprised if this would be the last we see of them!

Thursday June 14th, 2018



You might have heard of a little thing happening in Russia this summer called World Cup…

The international games spirit might give you the itch to visit other countries and meet people from around the world. Volunteering abroad could just be the answer to that!

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page or Instagram account  and comment who is going to be the winner on the “Match of the day” post, and you can win £40 off from your administration fee. If you guess right, you will receive the discount to apply for any international volunteering project.

The first “Match of the day” is going to be today Russia X Saudi Arabia: who do think is going to win?

And don’t worry if don’t guess right on the first time, there’s going to be daily opportunities for you to guess until the 28th June.


Good luck!


Terms and conditions:

  • Comments on the post must be made before the match starts
  • Any comments made during or after will be disregarded
  • Only one discount can be applied per project. No multiple discounts are allowed.
  • Discount will expire at the end of 2018

Tuesday April 24th, 2018



Would you like to improve your leadership skills and give a contribution to a community project in the UK this summer?

Would you like to meet and make friends with like-minded people from all over the world?

If so, you might be interested in applying for one of our last few places available for Group Coordinators on our UK  international projects running in July and August.

Find out more about what it is all about here.

For more information you can also email or call 01273 422218.

Friday March 16th, 2018

NCS Beach Clean-Up 17th March – Postponed

NCS Beach Clean-Up 17th March – Postponed

Following Yellow weather warnings for Snow and Ice in the Worthing area tomorrow, we have taken the decision to postpone the Worthing Beach Clean-up, due to take place from 11am on Saturday 17th March.

A new date will be confirmed soon.



Tuesday December 5th, 2017



In the spirit of celebrating International Volunteering Day, I am pleased to announce our winners of the Photo Competition 2017…


Thursday May 11th, 2017

Volunteers wanted for EVS projects

Volunteers wanted for EVS projects

Volunteer in Europe fully funded with Concordia and EVS programme

We will publish here the EVS projects currently available through Concordia. If no project is available on this page, check our EVS handbook for more information on how to look for more EVS projects.

Concordia Volunteers are currently not promoting any EVS projects. Please check the above link for more information. 


Tuesday March 28th, 2017



As of today, 27th March, Stephanie Maurel has taken over from Rob Orme as CEO of Concordia.

Stephanie joins Concordia after a 20 year career spanning both the commercial and charity sector.  Much of her commercial career was spent working in the automotive sector both in the UK and abroad concentrating on marketing and financial efficiency including responsibility for pricing. The second half was spent as a civil servant within Sport England, where she held a series of leadership positions including being responsible for ‘People’ – coaches, volunteers, the paid staff and apprentices across the sport and physical activity sector. As a trustee for two charity boards she enjoys giving her time as a volunteer and is also very active as a trained mentor within various networks.

On the personal side home is in north Kent and Stephanie is married with two boys; a nine and 11 year-old. She is keen on most outdoor sports, especially playing hockey and running as well as rambling and visiting old properties.

Stephanie is thrilled to be taking on the role of CEO at Concordia and is joining the charity at a very exciting time. She is looking forward to building on the solid foundations that are already in place.

Thursday June 2nd, 2016




Places are still available for our North South Preparation day on the 11th June 2016.

Every year Concordia offers a preparation day for all volunteers interested in joining an international volunteer project in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The day will explore issues such as health and safety, cultural awareness, relations between North and South, living conditions and development. There will also be the opportunity to talk to volunteers who have been to the countries within our North South programme.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet about the project, this day is also a good chance for all those who simply want to know more about the North South Programme.

It is possible to apply for the preparation day only, with the possibility to apply for a project afterwards.

Book your place now – limited places available, first-come first-served basis.


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